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Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath
With over 15 years’ experience as a Naturopathic Clinician both in Australia (Brisbane) and Great Britain (Isle of Man), Stefanie Kerwin has attracted a large following of clients around the world.

She is the creator and operator of 2 busy Natural Health Businesses:

Aurora Wellness which she co-owns with her husband, Paul Kerwin – Acupuncturist; and 18 Day Cleanse.

Stefanie has a special interest in mental health, female health and complex conditions.  She is very focused on bringing traditional wisdom and evidence based medicine together, using proven effective prescribing, to help her clients meet and manage their health needs.

Stefanie also has a particular interest in ‘getting back to basics’, strongly advocating that stress management, food as medicine, safe and effective detoxification and obtaining and maintaining an optimal pH balance is fundamental to health.  She loves inspiring her clients to live healthier and more joyful lives. 

She has written 3 Naturopathic Cleanse Programmes including the more recent 18 Day Cleanse, which have benefited thousands of people around the world.  These programmes harness all the basic naturopathic principles of cleansing techniques, lifestyle choices, dietary guidance, self-care and include world-class naturopathic medicines to support safe and effective detoxification and rebalance a stressed system. 

Stefanie also provides mentorship to Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists throughout the UK.

Paul Kerwin


Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Tu Nai Massage Therapist

Since training with the renowned Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane, Paul has treated thousands of patients since 2005 at his clinic in Australia, supporting them to restore balance to their bodies and lives. In 2018 Paul brought his expertise across the world to the Isle of Man and offers a wide range of Acupuncture techniques from his relaxing clinic space in the Follan Natural Health Centre in Douglas. Paul’s in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine enables him to prescribe herbs and supplements to enhance his acupuncture and massage treatments.

“I love giving people hope that there is another way to look at their chronic health conditions or manage their pain.

The greatest gift in being an Acupuncturist is seeing the vast improvement to quality of life in the 1000’s of patients that I have had the honour in treating over the past years.  Most of my patients suffer pain.  Seeing the relief on my client’s faces after suffering severe pain, some for many months or years, brings me the greatest joy and purpose.

In addition to their Acupuncture treatment, I also support and educate my clients on how they can help themselves through stress management techniques, dietary changes, exercise, meditation & positive mindset.”

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