Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

Spring brings new hopes and promotes the positive vibes. So, it is the best time to embark on a cleanse programme. In winter we feel too indulged in food and drinks and it is much harder to stick to a detox. But there is no such issue in spring as you have better energy and the weather is also in your favour, making the whole cleanse programme easier on you. A cleanse is the perfect jump start towards radiant health after what has been a very tough winter in lockdown for many.

Here are some reasons why you might need a spring cleanse and the benefits it will bring for you.

Why Spring Cleanse?

We are constantly exposed to the toxins in this modern world due to the air pollution as well as the foods we intake. Even our livestock is treated with drugs and the crops are sprayed with pesticides which pose serious threats to our health with their harmful side effects. So, it is a great idea to plan for a spring cleanse to get rid of all these toxins and provide a fresh start to your body for a stronger immune system and an improved blood circulation. But why spring? Well, spring represents renewal and refresh – it is the perfect season to cleanse your body and mind and elevate your mood.

Benefits of Spring Cleanse

A spring cleanse has various benefits from happier hormones an improved immune system to elevated energy as well as better circulation. The list of benefits continues, we can sit here for hours to be honest. But we won’t. Instead I’ve compiled a list of quick benefits a spring detox can have in your life. Check them out

1. Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose some weight then the spring cleanse is the best way to start with. It will provide you with the perfect kick start towards your weight loss goals and help you achieve them at a faster rate. So, start off this spring to get better outcomes with improved energy levels and a quick metabolism.

2. Elevated Energy

Speaking of energy, yes! Detoxing can increase your energy levels. This helps you to work out twice as hard and longer for better results. The more active you are, the more you move, the more you lose weight and improve your overall health.  

3. Better Digestion

There is clinical evidence that detoxing also helps greatly with the digestion. As the toxicity might lead to various health issues such as bloating, nausea, furred tongue, constipation, gas, indigestion and a toxic liver. However, all these issues can be avoided by indulging in a spring detox.

4. Improved Immune System

A spring detox is also beneficial in improving the immune system immensely. It helps to avoid colds and the flu, blemishes, cellulite, tiredness, fatigue and puffy eyes by improving the lymphatic system. It also helps to clear the sinuses by vanishing congestion and improving the lung function. It also resolves the urinary tract issues by increasing the urine output. In other words, it improves the immune system and doesn’t let the illnesses take over. So, go ahead with and try a spring detox and see for yourself how much it benefits your overall health and wellbeing!

5. Healthier Hormones

A cleanse programme helps rebalance hormones by getting rid of the toxins that get in the way of what our body naturally does: produce and process hormones according to our body’s natural rhythms.  When we reduce the toxic burden on our body, our body can then focus its vital energy on naturally rebalancing hormones.  Our liver plays a major role in hormone regulation.  Our liver metabolises hormones so that they do not build up in our bodies and cause hormone imbalance and inflammation.  A happy, healthy liver will break down hormones appropriately, which resets our body’s natural hormone signals.  An over loaded liver cannot break down hormones optimally, which may result in a build-up of inflammatory hormones such as oestrogen.  Over time, this may cause more inflammation to build up, which may further burden our liver and the cells that respond to oestrogen – then the cycle continues.  

It’s not superficial. It’s not impossible. It’s your birth right. And modern day toxicity is stealing it from you.

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To your radiant health!

Stefanie Kerwin BHSc WHM, Adv Dip Hom

Naturopath, Educator