Detox: My Top Tips For Loving Your Liver

Detox: My Top Tips For Loving Your Liver


Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.
Life is great when our bodies are in balance and our hormones are raising our serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone) but – when things are knocked out of kilter – it can leave us feeling out of sorts.

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Why are hormones important?

Hormones are essential to our overall health – impacting how we feel, how we look and how women experience their monthly menses.

Sluggishness, fatigue, acne, depression, anxiety, brain fog, mood swings, weight gain, and changes to your cycle may indicate that:

  1. Your liver is loaded, and
  2. Your body is ready for a detox!

This is why I spent the last three years developing 18 Day Cleanse.


What is a loaded liver?

Your liver is your body’s natural toxin filter. But, sometimes, its ability to filter out all the nasties in your body is overwhelmed by modern-day environmental toxins – found in man-made products like BPA in plastic water bottles, herbicides, and pesticides – poor nutrition, high stress levels, caffeine, and alcohol.

Without adequate nutrients, your liver is unable to successfully remove toxins from the body.

So, here are my top ten tips to love your liver:

  1. Eat your broccoli
    In fact, any cruciferous vegetable – such as cabbage, cauliflower, swede, turnips, kale and watercress – contains liver-healthy chemicals, which help to remove excess oestrogen from your body.
  2. Avoid plastic
    Swap out single-use plastic bottles for refillable glass bottles. Plastics contain xenoestrogens which mimic natural oestrogen and disrupt your hormone balance.
  3. Go au natural
    Chemicals in most makeup and skincare products enter your body through the lymphatic system and not only load your liver but can affect your ability to absorb, store, and use nutrients from food.
  4. Nourish your liver
    Your liver needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to feel its best. These include selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, bioflavonoids, carotenes, coQ10, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss this further or source these nutrients.
  5. Reduce coffee and alcohol
    The biggest liver loaders! Keeping your coffee intake to a minimum and reducing alcohol may have significant positive effects on your liver. No one’s saying not to enjoy, but having period of time dedicated to cutting them out can be very beneficial and gives you liver a chance to repair and optimise it’s usual function. Following a cleanse twice yearly is a sure way to reduce your coffee and alcohol.
  6. Crack out your teapot
    Natural teas are refreshing and offer a wealth of health benefits. Green tea may help to detox the liver, can support weight loss, and reduces inflammation. There are many other herbs to help balance hormones too!  On the 18 Day Cleanse we have formulated a fantastic Detox & Lymph tea to help to balance hormones and cleanse your body.  It contains nettle leaf, red clover, cleavers, oat straw, peppermint, liquorice and ginger and tastes amazing!
  7. Spice up your life
    Rosemary and turmeric are great natural detoxifiers, and they taste delicious.
  8. Pack in the protein
    Amino acids are essential for liver function and detoxification. Fish, meat, and poultry are well-known sources of protein, but plant-based options include beans, nuts, seeds, and organic tofu are excellent sources of protein too.
  9. Eat spray-free
    Herbicides and pesticides – much like plastics – contain xenoestrogens, which mimic natural oestrogen. Buy organic whenever possible
  10. Invest in a liver-friendly nutritional support
    We commonly recommend what we consider to be the best liver and detox support in the world, Matrix Phase Detox, which we import from Australia. This is a practitioner only product and must be prescribed. If you would like to find out if this product is suitable for you, please contact us so we can arrange a free online consultation. Matrix Phase Detox contains ingredients which specifically targets liver clearance of hormones.

What are the benefits of detoxing?

Free yourself from sugar cravings

Wake up energised – No caffeine jump start required

Beat bloating and gas as your digestive system calms and repairs

Rediscover your skin’s natural luminescence

Feel lighter, leaner, and more in sync with your body

If you think might be suffering from the symptoms of a loaded liver, or if you want to enjoy the numerous health benefits of a detox, click here to book a place on our next group cleanse.