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Stefanie Kerwin BHSc WHM, Adv Dip Hom

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath

With over 12 years’ experience running her Naturopathic clinic both in Australia (Brisbane) and the UK (Isle of Man), Stefanie Kerwin has attracted a large following of clients and Naturopaths around the world.

Stefanie has a special interest in immunity. She is very focused on evidenced based medicine using proven effective prescribing methods to help her clients meet their immune system needs. She has supported many hundreds of patients to manage auto immune diseases, acute infections, chronic infections and post viral fatigue conditions.

Stefanie also has a particular interest in ‘getting back to basics’, strongly advocating that food as medicine, lifestyle techniques such as exercise and stress relieving activities, safe and effective detoxification and obtaining and maintaining a healthy acid-base balance is fundamental to health.

She has written 2 Naturopathic Cleanse Programmes which have benefited thousands of people around the world. These programmes harness all the basic naturopathic principles of cleansing techniques, lifestyle choices, dietary guidance and include world class naturopathic medicines to support safe and effective detoxifcation.

How we can help

We are passionate about supporting you through these challenging times.


Those wishing to support themselves & their immunity during these challenging times. Consultations are FREE OF CHARGE. This is offered online via a secure online channel.


Anyone who feels they need a more personalised approach to their family’s immunity needs or to support during an new infection or can book a short online face to face consultation.


New Patient Consultations are 2 hours and offer a comprehensive personalised & tailored program to support all your health needs.

Supporting our immune systems

What is immunity?  The ‘first line’ or ‘front line’ of the immune system is actually our tissues themselves. An obvious example is skin- it separates our insides from our outsides and stops the bugs getting in! Some of the other membranes in the body are inside our noses and sinuses, inside our mouths and throats and right throughout our gut. Having strong intact robust tissues and membranes is the foundation of good immunity.


The second line of defence in our system of immune response includes the white blood cells which mobilise to attack invaders and stop them spreading throughout the body. Some of these cells ‘eat’ the bad guys, such as macrophages, while others destroy them by other means, such as Natural Killer Cells (yes that’s really their name!). After these two lines of defence, the third line is the ‘specific’ forces, those cells that have been trained to identify and attack specific targets (this is where antibodies come in).


One of the main principles of Naturopathy is that “prevention is better than cure”. A good immune system is not only constantly fighting off potential invaders (bacteria, viruses etc), it also identifies and neutralises rogue cells that aren’t developing properly, such as cancerous cells. One of most wonderful things about natural medicine is that it gives us tools to improve our immunity, not just offering an ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ for when infection gets the better of us.

EchinaceaThe root of the echinacea plant has been shown to enhance immunity in several ways:

  • Increasing the production of immune chemicals that activate macrophages (a kind of white blood cell as mentioned above)
  • Increased ability of macrophages to ‘eat up’ the invaders
  • Increased antibody activity
  • Increased Natural Killer Cell activity
  • Increased levels of white blood cells on the job
  • Increased levels of white blood cells getting to the site of the battle when needed!
  • Is directly anti-viral
  • Reduces bacteria spreading


That is a phenomenal list of achievements for one single medicine! Echinacea root can be taken preventatively at one dose daily, or increased to four doses daily as treatment for infection. Remember that only a high-quality extract will have these effects; make sure you get the ‘tingle’ on your tongue when you take your echinacea which shows it is high in the active constituent, the alkylamides.


Other herbal medicines are also beneficial for the immune system, such as Astragalus & Ganoderma.  There are others herbs that help to support specific tissues and functions. For example, herbs such as Mullein and Thyme have an affinity with the lungs, helping to provide immune support for those who are prone to respiratory infections in winter. Herbs such as Marshmallow and Licorice support the health of all ‘mucus membranes’, those membranes we discussed right back at the beginning, inside our noses and throats and guts!

Diet, Nutrition and Nutrients

  • Diet plays a huge role in our immune function, as our food provides the building blocks for our immune cells (white blood cells) and determines the health of our tissues. When our tissues are healthy they have better immune defence. Specific deficiencies have negative impacts on our immunity: Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D are all linked to reduced ability to fight infections.
  • Avoid or reduce foods that don’t agree with you, as well as ‘empty’ foods that have little nutritional content such as alcohol, refined sugars and flours. Sugars have a direct impact on reducing some white blood cells’ ability to ‘eat’ up or kill invading organisms. Increasing quality proteins and fresh vegetables is key to building good immune function. Eating a rainbow everyday!  Include as many colours as possible from fresh fruit and vegetables as each colour offers specific benefits.  Adding herbs, turmeric, onion, ginger and fresh garlic to your diet also has good effects on your immunity and offers some anti-viral and bacterial properties.


Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Poor Sleep Affects Your Immunity.

An increasing body of research proves that the better quality our sleep and the more positive and relaxed we are, the better our immune system is.  Anxiety, grief, stress and depression all significantly impact our ability to fight infections and provide good immune response.

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To purchase items from our product range, please book a consultation with Stefanie.  

Vitamin D3 + K2

Vitamin D3 + K2

Vitamin D is a collection of forms of a pro-hormone fat-soluble nutrient. A crucial element in many reactions and processes in the body, there is a well-reported and well-documented widespread deficiency in Vitamin D.
Immune & Energy Herbal Blend 500ML

Immune & Energy Herbal Blend 500ML



Immune Booster, Flu and Cough Support and Stress and Anxiety Support
Echinacea Premium

Echinacea Premium

Echinacea Premium tablets combine the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea, which fight off flu, colds and infections, especially in the upper respiratory tract.

Echinacea angustifolia (Echinacea) extract equivalent to dry root 600 mg (containing alkylamides 2.5 mg), Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) extract equivalent to dry root 675 mg (containing alkylamides 2.65 mg)

Optimal Vitamin C Powder (144G)

Optimal Vitamin C Powder (144G)

  • With natural supportive bioflavonoids
  • May help support a healthy immune system
  • May help support healthy eyes and skin
  • May help support cardiovascular health



Zinc Select® is a state-of-the-art, synergistic formula combining two researched, well-absorbed forms of chelated zinc with a blend of digestive herbs and bitters, plus Betaine HCl, to help optimize zinc absorption and tolerability. One milligram of copper is also included to help maintain healthy mineral balance.


The world is in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health measures that can reduce the risk of infection and death in addition to quarantines are desperately needed. This article reviews the roles of vitamin D in reducing the risk of respiratory tract infections, knowledge about the epidemiology of influenza and COVID-19, and how vitamin D supplementation might be a useful measure to reduce risk. Through several mechanisms, vitamin D can reduce risk of infections

The body of evidence contributing to these analyses was assessed as being of high quality.Conclusions Vitamin D supplementation was safe and it protected against acute respiratory tract infection overall. Patients who were very vitamin D deficient and those not receiving bolus doses experienced the most benefit.

Different studies showed that ascorbic acid (vitaminC) positively affects the development and maturation of T-lymphocytes, in particular NK (natural Killer) cells involved in the immune response to viral agents. It also contributes to the inhibition of ROS production and to the remodulation of the cytokine network typical of systemic inflammatory syndrome.

Recent studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of vitamin C administration in terms of reducing mortality, in patients with sepsis hospitalized in intensive care wards.

In recent years viral respiratory tract infections, especially influenza viruses, have had a major impact on communities worldwide as a result of unavailability of effective treatment or vaccine. The frequent alterations in the antigenic structures of respiratory viruses, particularly for RNA viruses, pose difficulties in production of effective vaccines.  The unavailability of optimal medication and shortage of effective vaccines suggests the requirement for alternative natural therapies. Several herbal remedies were used for prevention and treatment viral respiratory illnesses. Among

COVID 19 Information

As an allied health provider, many of our clients consider us a primary health service offering essential services to the health of the them and their families.
Our NHS is already stretched with GPs being inundated with people who are scared and panicking. We serve an important role in our communities health and will continue to service our community by offering online consultations to help you in this especially difficult time.


Precautions we are taking.

  • We are taking COVID-19 very seriously.
  • This is why we are now offering all consultations online.
  • We have been self isolating since 20th March and have not been to shops or met anyone outside of our family since then without recommended social distancing.
  • We have completed online training in infection control and are wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitiser before preparing medicines.
  • Your safety & wellbeing is our highest priority.

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We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of supporting natural medicine.

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